Sunday, April 10, 2011

Victory Garden Update

The average last frost date for Arlington is about May 15. On the morning of Saturday April 9, a shimmering frost did shine from my Victory Garden in the Morningside area of Arlington. Garlic shoots though provided a shot of early spring optimism - another great reason to plant garlic in the Fall, around about Columbus Day (October).

Inspired by the sunny day, and buds on the trees, I brought home a small haul of herbs (rosemary, parsley), kale, and lettuce seedlings from Pemberton Farms garden center (Mass Ave in North Cambridge). To their credit, they only stocked seedlings likely to survive planting at this time, and also had the average last frost date posted at the cash register. Prices pretty reasonable too, this basketload only set me back about $10.

I divided a huge thyme plant and planted the herbs, lettuce and kale. I have few things to offer to other Arlington Victory Gardeners:

1) Plenty of thyme cuttings that I placed in water - many have roots already.
2) Three kale seedlings - good for soups, salads, great early season crop.
3) Thanks to online research and expert selection by my "Head Gardner", Sally Naish of Light and Shade Garden Design, I'll have some certified organic seed potatoes to share later this week. Decided to try potatoes again after mixed results in the past, before our soil had been built up by years of organic enrichment - frequent compost and chipped leaves every Fall.

Email for more information about the Victory Garden Community or for an invite to our first Victory Garden Club party (tentative date - Sunday May 1).

This week I learned that the Menotomy Gardeners Email List will be having a garden swap soon.


Junko said...

Hi Joe! I found your blog by googling your name and Arlington victory garden. I have subscribed for updates. Looking forward to seeing your progress!

tike mik said...

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