Sunday, April 3, 2011

Victory Garden Club 2011

Garlic planted last Fall in our Arlington Victory Garden emerged several weeks ago, shoots poking through the 1-3" snow cover from the April Fools Eve snowstorm. Glad I missed planting peas the previous weekend, if they had sprouted the snow would have probably done them in. But on Sunday, April 3 the soil and weather were fine for this year's first sowing: two types of snap peas and a hopeful early try for a mesclun mix. If anyone would like some of the pea seeds I have plenty to share - see below.

Pushing back the layer of chipped leaf mulch, I was delighted to find this spry wriggler in the soil layer.

While planting, I was cheered by spring squill volunteers, scattered along the gravel path surrounding our front yard Victory Garden.

This year the Arlington Natural Connections Project is hosting an informal "Victory Garden Club". We'll start out with a social gathering to share seeds, maybe seedlings, plans and hopes for our 2011 Victory Gardens. As the season progresses we can share produce, water each others gardens during vacation times, share tips, recipes and salsa, outsmart wily gophers, and devise creative ways to foist off those overgrown August zucchinis on unsuspecting Arlingtonians.

Email INFO@NATURALCONNECTIONSPROJECT.COM for more information or for an invite to our first Victory Garden Club party. This year, you can know for CERTAIN where at least some of your food comes from. Happy Home Gardening in 2011 to all!

For another interesting local gardening project see: Cooperative Learning Project at Robbins Farm Park. Especially interesting for anyone interested in gardening as part of a cooperative group or if you might not have space to garden where you live.

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Unknown said...

Joe, hurrah for home Victory Gardens! I just wanted to make sure you are aware of the educational garden project at Robbins Farm Park, just beginning its second season. The purpose of the garden is to give everyone the opportunity to experience the joys of home gardening. Visit our web site at