Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Goals of the Natural Connections Project

1. Develop and sponsor artistic and natural science projects to promote a greater sense of our connection to the natural world.

2. Promote greater awareness of the beauty and genius of nature and the connections between all living things and the earth.

3. Promote awareness of the effects of our human creations and actions on the world.

4. Foster access to the restorative and healing aspects of connection with the nature.

5. Maintain a website, newsletter and other means of communication to realize the above goals.

The Arlington Natural Connections projects is also seeking collaborators with skills in the following areas, and/or an interest in the project. Please email Joe at jtshome AT gmail.com if interested.

Web Site Design and Implementation (urgent need)

Photography, Video Production (amatuer or advanced)

Public Relations, communications, special projects

Natural science: Plant and tree identification, botany, knowledge of fungus/lichens.