Sunday, December 14, 2008

Middlesex Fells Ice Beauty - December 14 2008

These photos were taken on Sunday December 14 2008 in the Middlesex Fells Reservation, along the Reservoir trail, west of the lower pond. Some recent weather had created conditions favorable for some truly wonderful ice patterns. On Thursday-Friday of this week there was a lot of rain, which caused flooding in places. By Friday evening to Saturday temperatures were quite cold, going down into the 20s at night. On Sunday, relatively warmer, temps pushing 40 by the afternoon.

Saw many patches of these long needle-like ice crystals in disturbed areas on the ground. These were about 3/4 inch long, but even longer ones were evident. Please click on the photo above to see how extraordinary these long needles are, the small photo doesn't reveal the detail.

This low lying area was likly flooded to a greater depth in previous days. As the water receded, the ice layer gently bent, melting and refreezing, and sometimes cracking. In some places very thin sheets, about a millimeter or two near their edges were suspended horizontally.

The formation below was razor thin, angled at about 45 degrees against a submerged branch. Extraordinarily crafted and ephemeral.
The Arlington Natural Connections project seeks to promote a connection with nature. These images are an example of the richness that awaits, right here in our own backyard. You can click on photos above to view larger and see finer detail.

Update 21 April 2010: Some of these photos are on display in "Images of Arlington: Mystery and Magic" showing at the Tufts Gallery at the Arlington Center for the Arts through June 11, 2010. Reception and awards Sunday May 16, 2-4 PM. I also chanced upon a video by the Boston Pops featuring Ice Photos from the Sudbury River and an accompanying musical composition by the principal horn player Richard Sebring.
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