Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Seasonal Scenes: Jan-Feb-March 2009

The winter of 2008-2009 brought us our share of snow and cold in Arlington MA, but many days were also sunny. Getting out into nature was always restorative and much needed. The video below shows typical nature scenes in Arlington and vicinity at this time of year. Relax and enjoy the scenes and music. Most importantly though, there is no substitute for getting out and experiencing nature first-hand. The video shows several places in or very near to Arlington that are wonderful places to explore.

The Arlington Natural Connections Project would appreciate receiving contributions of photos that document nature in the current season. Select photos may be displayed in on-line galleries, photo collage videos or other works created as activities of the Arlington Natural Connections Project. The contributing photographer will be credited, unless anonymity is requested. Please include: place, date, time (optional) the photo was taken, and the photographer to credit. Submission of photos is taken as permission to use in these venues.

Please submit digital photo files to:

The mission of the Arlington Natural Connections Project is to promote a sense of connection to the natural world by combining an artistic and natural science approach.

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