Sunday, January 11, 2009

MicroCosmos Movie

As 2009 begins, the weather in Arlington, MA is typical for January - cold and snowy.  Put on some warm clothes and get out in it - it's beautiful and exhilirating.  Here's a photo of Spy Pond, taken in the afternoon, January 2.

If you are looking for a video to watch, one evening, warm inside, try "MicroCosmos".  Wonderful scenes of a meadow in summer, featuring some spectacular close up photography of ants and insects.  There are many samples available on YouTube, here is one that shows the beginning scenes:

This video gives you a taste of the beauty and genius of nature captured in the film "MicroCosmos".  It is available as a DVD rental for only $1 at the Arlington Robbins Library.  I find it impossible to watch without being very moved.

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